NCOA and Address Verification for Direct Mail Tips

National Change of Address (NCOA) Service

The National Change of Address (NCOA) database, maintained by the U.S. Postal Service, includes records of individuals and companies who have completed a Change of Address form within the last four years. By processing your database through NCOA, you can update it with the latest address information, improving your data accuracy by an average of 5%. This service is cost-effective and offers a quick turnaround, ensuring no delays in your mailing schedule.

At Cedar Graphics, we utilize the NCOA database to ensure that your presorted mailings comply with the USPS Move Update Requirements. As of November 23, 2008, postal regulations mandate that all addresses in presorted mailings must be move update processed within 95 days before mailing. This requirement aims to reduce USPS expenses related to extra handling. NCOA is one of the approved methods for meeting these move update requirements, helping you maintain compliance and optimize your direct mail campaigns.

Top Reasons to Use National Change of Address (NCOA)

Stop Losing Customers

Hidden in your database could be hundreds or even thousands of prospects who no longer receive your mail. By using NCOA, you can update your database with the most current mailing addresses, ensuring your marketing materials reach their intended recipients.

Mail at Lower Postal Rates

To qualify for the best postal rates, the USPS requires mailings to go through a move update service every 95 days. Without using a qualified move update service like NCOA, you’ll have to pay higher postage rates. NCOA helps you meet these requirements, allowing you to benefit from lower postal costs.

Increase Your Return on Investment (ROI)

NCOA offers a perfect opportunity to lower your total mailing costs and increase your response rate. By identifying individuals who have moved, closed P.O. boxes, or have no forwarding address, NCOA ensures your mail is delivered correctly. This accuracy not only saves you money but also boosts the number of responses you receive, enhancing your ROI.

Integrating NCOA into your direct mail strategy ensures that your campaigns are cost-effective and reach the right audience, maximizing your marketing efforts.

Movers Who Don’t Forward to a New Mailing Address (NCOA)

Not everyone forwards their mail when they move. We’ve found that around 6-14% of people who move never update their addresses with the post office. This can result in significant wasted expenses on mailing to outdated addresses. Our proprietary method leverages multiple external databases to ensure you have the most current addresses for your consumers or businesses, saving you money and improving your mailing efficiency.


Did you know you could be wasting money by mailing to individuals who have passed away? On average, we find that 2-9% of the people on mailing lists are deceased. By removing these addresses from your database, you can achieve substantial annual savings and increase the ROI of your direct mail campaigns.


NCOA and CASS certifications don’t fully verify whether an address exists or is undeliverable. Our advanced data scrubbing process can identify and remove undeliverable addresses, ensuring that your mail reaches valid recipients and reducing unnecessary costs.

Optimize your direct mail campaigns with our Proprietary Address Verification service, ensuring your messages reach the right people and maximizing your marketing budget.

Enhance Your Direct Mail Campaigns with Our Proprietary Address Verification Services

By combining our three advanced services, you can significantly improve the accuracy of your mailing lists. We often find that 7%-19% of records in a database are no longer valid. When you let us clean and verify your data, you can expect substantial savings on your direct mail marketing campaigns.

Our services not only reduce wasted expenses but also boost response and conversion rates. This means more money in your pocket, not just from savings but also from enhanced key performance indicators (KPIs) across your marketing efforts. Optimize your campaigns with our comprehensive address verification to maximize your ROI and achieve greater marketing success.